Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your Jimmy Halfpenny book approximately 4-6 weeks after we have received your artwork. During peak times (Christmas) it may take up to 8 weeks to complete the order.
We define children’s artwork (the “Artwork”) as original works of art created by children in any media typically found in art classrooms, day care facilities, pre-schools, primary or secondary schools. Types of media may may include crayon, markers, pastels, coloured pencils, watercolour, acrylic or oil paints, paper, small noodles, foam, felt, tissue paper, cotton balls, paddlepop sticks, feathers, straws, wool, leaves, seeds, or any other material normally used by art teachers.

Any 2-D artwork submitted that, in the opinion of Jimmy Halfpenny, may damage our equipment, will not be acceptable for obvious reasons. Any medium that is considered unusual or unacceptable may – at the discretion of any Jimmy Halfpenny employee – be rejected at any time and these items will not be scanned or digitally reproduced.

We also accept photographs (JPEG format) of larger pieces of artwork/3D pieces of artwork or any other photos people would like to submit pertaining to their children, i.e. schoolwork such as writing, awards, trophies, ribbons, etc. All Artwork/or photographs of artwork counts towards the cost of a book, EXCEPT for one photograph to be used on the Introduction/Dedication page.

The Introduction page photo, which is placed on the first page of the book along with a small bio/blurb or message to or about the artist, does NOT count towards the final cost of the book.

We would encourage you to take photographs of any 3D pieces of art that you would like included in your book. These photographs can be uploaded with your child’s photograph on the Payment/Order Form. Alternatively you can also include the original photographs in your pile of art that you send for processing. Please note that any photographs of artwork will go towards your final art work count.

Yes. Please note that each page counts as one piece of art as they are scanned individually. We may also need to disassemble your folder/scrapbook for reproduction and may not be able to reassemble your artwork, should you wish for it to be returned to you. Preparation of submitted artwork for scanning and photographing will involve removing objects that may hold together, attach, organise, fasten, join, connect, or affix artwork. It may be necessary to remove some items to enable us to scan the artwork in order to produce a professional image and prevent damage to equipment. The items which may be removed may include, tape, stickers, clips, staples, glue, wool, string, chains, twist ties, or any fastener not herein listed. Some artwork may be detached from a background surface that is not part of the actual artwork (such as frames or background paper) at our discretion. The reason we may extract artwork from any background is solely to enable us to offer the best image and reproduction possible. We will not reconnect or refasten any artwork that was necessary to disassemble. Artwork will not be stapled, glued, tied, clipped, taped, or refastened in any manner once prepared for reproduction.
We offer FREE Shipping Australia wide.
Our return postal service includes ‘track and trace’ at no extra cost so you will be able to keep an eye on your parcel’s journey. We also include a ‘signature on delivery’ service at no extra cost to help ensure safe delivery.
We can include artwork that is up to A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) in size at this time. Should you wish to include pieces that are larger than this, we are happy to accept high resolution images/photographs of these pieces via email. Please note that any photographs of artwork will count towards your total number of artwork for inclusion in your book.
Generally we place up to 30 pieces of art in a 20 page book, up to 60 pieces of art in a 40 page book, up to 80 pieces of art in a 60 page book and up to 120 pieces of art in a 100 page book. Our Jimmy Halfpenny Design Team will showcase your child’s art in the best possible layout to achieve a high quality, unique and completely individual product.
Yes. Whilst our Creative Design Team has the skills and creative flair to showcase your artwork in the most appealing layout, we are also happy for you to specify the order that you would like your art to appear in your book. Please clearly mark the back of each piece of artwork in pencil in ascending order starting from #1. Additionally, if you would like one specific piece to grace the front cover of your book, then please mark this piece “COVER” in pencil on the back and place at the top of your art pile.
Yes, in fact we strongly encourage this! You can upload your photograph on the Order Form or alternatively include a photograph when you return your artwork. This photograph will then appear with your personalised bio/message or testimonial on the first page of your book.
Yes. We are happy to return your child’s original artwork to you for an additional $10 to cover packaging and postage costs.
Once you have purchased your chosen product we will send you your Starter Kit within 3-7 days. Our Starter Kit delivers all of your postal requirements direct to your doorstep! You can expect to receive your introductory letter, our Artwork Packaging and Mailing Guide, Artwork Submission Form and a 5kg Australia Post Prepaid Satchel with our return address label. All you need to do is package up your artwork (make sure you read our Artwork Packaging and Mailing Guide to make this process super easy) place it in the satchel with your completed Artwork Submission Form, sign the declaration on the front of the satchel, remove the tracking number sticker and keep this somewhere safe for your records and place the sealed satchel in any Australia Post Mailbox or better still hand over at any Australia Post outlet/office.

We do not accept any liability for artwork that gets lost in transit to Jimmy Halfpenny. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they retain the tracking number of the Prepaid Satchel to ensure that, should the satchel become misplaced in transit to our offices; inquiries can be made by the customer in order to track and recover the misplaced package.

The JHP Design Team uses the latest high tech scanners and equipment to bring your artwork to a splendid digital form! Whilst every effort will be made to present the art in the most professional manner, often times, variations in colours and shades may make the reproduction look slightly different from the original; however, we will attempt to retouch, restore, freshen, or refurbish electronic files of the scanned artwork with commonly used printing methods. We will make every attempt to reproduce artwork for printed reproduction so that the reproduction is as close to the original as possible and enhanced to gain the highest possible quality for the finished product. Please note that the reproduction of any folded or rolled artwork may show creases, folds, rolls, pleats, tucks, lines, grooves, crinkles, wrinkles, scrunches, rumples, or crumples on the final reproduction. In some instances the decision to crop some of the artwork may be made in order to maximise the layout and structure of the book.
All of our books are printed on Premium Silk Paper (170gsm per page). The books have a high quality gloss cover with a perfect reinforced metal spine. They feature your choice of artwork on the front cover and a photograph of your child on the Introduction page, together with a personalised message/tribute or a small biography of your child.
Many of us do not have the time (some 30 hours it would take for someone attempting their first book) to spend on producing this keepsake. To produce a book of this standard requires a large investment of time, access to design software, professional design expertise and the use of high tech scanners and print equipment. What we provide you, is a completely hassle-free and affordable solution to the seemingly never ending piles of your child’s creative works. Jimmy Halfpenny prides itself on delivering a beautiful, high end, quality and completely individual and personalised keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. A stunning product that showcases your child’s creative self in a gorgeous memento book to last a lifetime.
We would love to hear from you… please feel free to email us at any time with any further questions: We will respond to your enquiry within 48 hours.
We are happy to bring Jimmy Halfpenny to you, wherever you may live in this world! We simply shake up the process a little. Instead of receiving our Prepaid Satchel, you would simply need to complete your order online and then package up and send your artwork directly to us. Additional shipping fees will apply. Please contact us to discuss the shipping costs prior to ordering.