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Your Jimmy Halfpenny Starter Kit will arrive on your doorstep in 3-7 business days.

Book Prices

(The table below indicates the cost of your selected book size in relation to the number of art pieces you have)

Pieces of Art Jimmy Regular The Jimmy or
Jimmy Deluxe
Up to 30 $129 $149
31 to 60 $169 $199
61 to 90 $229 $259

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Jimmy Regular ~ 22cm x 28cm

We call him regular but he’s anything but run of the mill – our Jimmy Regular is for the budget conscious looking at excellent value for money with a high end, beautiful premium finish.

The Jimmy ~ 30cm x 30cm

No-one puts Jimmy in the corner! The Jimmy is the ultimate coffee table accessory. This grand man of our range has a squared stature which makes him a true feature book! Don’t you know its hip to be square!

Jimmy Deluxe ~ 26cm x 33cm

Our Jimmy Deluxe book is a premium level product with impressive size, providing maximum impact and showcasing your budding artist’s work on a GRAND scale. This sleek gentleman puts the ‘stop it’ in show stopping!

Gift Certificates

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