CHILD Magazine…..we love…Jimmy Halfpenny

Well what do we have here???

This month we are beyond excited, thrilled and chuffed to be featured in the exclusive CHILD Magazine nationally on Page 4 – Upfront.

What an amazing group of women at the helm. Two months ago I had the pleasure of meeting the then Editor in Chief – Karen Miles – a stunning example of a gorgeous successful woman, who has to juggle her career with kids, hubby and the family pet, but does it all with grace, humour and a very down to earth approach to life! The new addition to the team, who I had already met earlier this year and produced a Jimmy Halfpenny Book for her gorgeous daughter, is Barbara O’Reilly (Babs) – AKA Patchwork Cactus, she is CHILD’s Digital Editor and Blogger extraordinaire!

A chance interaction through Instagram on a wet weekend two months ago resulted in a meeting of creative minds, a chance to take about my boy – Jimmy and led to a feature in a national publication that ROCKS!!!


we love…jimmy halfpenny