Artwork Packaging and Mailing – An easy guide

What to choose?

Try to choose artwork that your child has created independently. We find that these pieces tend to better reflect your child’s creativity and personality, making the finished product more personalised and beautiful.

Artwork that has a low colour contrast (i.e. a sketch using a lead pencil), will not translate as well in final production, compared to more high contrast pieces.

We suggest choosing 2-dimensional artwork that will travel well. Whilst your child’s twig, leaf & pasta collage looks amazing at home, it may well be in a state of decomposition by the time it reaches us!

How to pack?

We STRONGLY recommend that you protect your child’s artwork for shipment. This helps to prevent any unforeseen damage that can occur in transit.

A very simple way to achieve this is to “sandwich” your artwork between 2 pieces of box cardboard, affixing the cardboard in place with tape on either side (painters tape is the best as it easily comes off paper and other materials, yet will secure your “sandwich fillings” in place!)

Alternatively you could also wrap the art in bubble wrap and seal the package with tape, then place inside the satchel.

We STRONGLY recommend that you do not fold or bend your artwork - should this be unavoidable due to the size/scale of the artwork, then just do a "loose" fold and place inside the satchel with the other pieces.

Please ensure all adhesives (sticky tape, blue tack etc.) have been removed off the reverse side of the artwork to avoid damage in transit.

For our Card Keepsake Books should you wish for your cards to appear in a certain order then you need to number each card on the reverse side, additionally you should wrap them tightly securing in a plastic bag or the like to ensure that the order is not lost in transit.


If the artwork has a top and bottom, that may not be so obvious to our Design Team, please mark the reverse side of the art in pencil to indicate its orientation.

Should you wish to have a specific piece of artwork on the front cover of the book, please ensure that you mark the back of this piece in pencil with “COVER” and place at the top of your artwork pile. Remember – the Jimmy Regular & Jimmy Deluxe are in a landscape orientation and therefore a landscape orientated cover piece of artwork works best. For ‘The Jimmy” – portrait orientation is the best option. Similarly, if you wish for your child’s art to appear in a particular order in your book, we encourage you to number the artwork on the reverse side in pencil in ascending order, starting at #1 and so forth.

If you have ordered Art Cards, please mark the piece of artwork that you would like to appear on the front of your cards in pencil and place near the top of your pile of artwork.

Ready to go!

Our Postal Satchels (provided to Australian residents ONLY) have our return address label already affixed to them, please ensure that you SIGN the Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods Declaration under this label on the front side and write your address/details on the rear of the satchel, to ensure we receive your satchel in a timely manner. 

When you have packaged up all of your artwork, please remove the tracking number sticker under the barcode on the right hand side of the satchel and keep it somewhere safe for your personal reference. The satchel is then ready to be sent and can be handed over at any Australia Post Office or outlet or placed in a red Australia Post Box. Please be mindful however, that handing the satchel over at the counter may better ensure that your satchel does not become crushed by any other items.

For our Card Keepsake Books (and all product orders placed by New Zealand residents) simply package up all of your inclusions and send directly to us at : Jimmy Halfpenny Studio ~ 23 Maitland Road, Springfield NSW 2250.

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