For the LOVE of handmade...

July 06, 2018

Handmade is making a come back BIG TIME!!!

Now I’m not talking about Dolly Toilet Roll holders with plumes of crocheted skirts or cutesy material topped Plum Preserves, but it seems that over the past decade since I have been mothering there is now more than ever, with the introduction of sites like Etsy, and Madeit, not to mention the entity that is Instagram, a HUGE marketplace for handmade fashion, decor and homewares that quite frankly ROCK!! And the best things it about it is, it is not limited to local market stalls and school fairs. Homemade is back people and here’s why you should enlist, empower and prosper.

This month Jimmy Halfpenny features in the ‘Featured Finds Blog’, on the “For the Love of Handmade” website, a unique space, whose Kickass Hustlin’ Creators, trawl the creative talent on Facebook and Instagram to find the latest Australian handmade gems just for kids, and then showcase it, review it and offer discounts in one incredible space! Why search in a squillion places, when it’s all happening here!

In the world of parenting and raising children where differences and standing out or just away from the crowd should be celebrated not shamed, handmade goodies and #shoppingsmall not only supports freedom of individuality & self expression, with regards to children’s fashion styles and homewares, but further supports a huge ground swell of working Mum’s trying to carve out their own future, and that of their tribe. I know we all love ourselves a piece of the juggernaut that is Kmart, but think about the community focus, the good karma and ultimate gift you are giving, when you give back to these hard working Mumma’s trying their best to juggle the balls of life, to afford themselves more family time, investing in their sense of self and god forbid, following their own dreams. Handmade has a different feel, a point of crafted difference, a more bespoke and custom heart that the juggernauts will never be able to achieve with their mass production and low minimum wages offshore! Best of all you will be supporting your own kind, and I’m all for that!

Be sure to have a scout around For The Love of Handmade’s website, you will be pleasantly surprised!

For the LOVE of Handmade…I say Amen!!

Featured Finds Blog – Jimmy Halfpennny

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