Kids Art and Cognitive Development

July 06, 2018

We all know that most kids faced with a semi-structured Art activity will happily join in. It’s a great way to curb, what I find, can sometimes be quite hectic “play-dates”. We all know those play dates, the one’s, that bring out a different type of energy level in our own child, and let me assure you, my three children have their own unique and interesting blend of energy to offer, particularly at about 7:29pm every evening!

I find, play dates can see mild mannered Mary emerge into Maniacal Mary in a short 60 minute window. At these times I gather the wild troops, offer some food incentives to keep them still-ish…pull out my “Stationery Box” which spills over with a well used mixed bunch of texta’s, gel pens, pencils, that inherently could do with a good old sharpen & paper, or small individual art style note books. I then give the kids some inspiration, which often times I find they build on themselves and have fun agreeing to what todays scene or drawing will entail! This always seems to have a lulling effect on the frenetic energy levels in the room and brings it back to one which I can tolerate…at least until the play date comes to a close.

There is a huge body of research that correlates cognitive development in children with their engagement in Art activities. Children inherently find art fun, its the perfect way for them to express themselves, whatever their ability and generally results in a colourful, imaginative and creative outcome or Masterpiece to boot!

You may be interested in reading the article below which highlights the benefits of art participation and cognitive development in children. It’s a nice light read and just reiterates how a small amount of effort does more than just make a maniacal play date bearable, you are actually developing something far deeper in your children (even our friend “Maniacal Mary”) and that is…improved cognition, enhanced critical thinking skills and learning. Team this with breathing a much needed sense of calm into your world and I think we have a winning combination.

Art Influences Learning – By Anna Reyner – Art Therapist

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