Mumpreneurs...The New Breed of Superhero

July 06, 2018

Prior to officially starting my venture almost 5 months ago now, I had been living in a world of unknown ignorance, what I mean is that I was an employee…working for another, having the ability to switch off, leave it all behind at the office for another day!

This ignorance has now been replaced with at times, an overwhelming responsibility that comes with being the Captain of your own ship but equally I now have an amazing amount of self-pride, a great sense of passion, a buzzy almost naive enthusiasm to succeed, reach & smash goals and keep the faith that it will happen. I had NO idea of the enormity of the task at hand, no concept of the hours it would take to grow your brand, boost your exposure, try and build an authentic network amongst a sea of others also trying to do the same. I recall Claire @clarecollected saying in some correspondence we had “What do they say, work 100 hours a week for yourself so you don’t have to work 40 hours for someone else?”

True that.

If becoming a mother doesn’t catapult your respect levels and amazement at the capacities of women…starting a business and seeing the passion, drive & success of other women/Mums in business certainly does!

I have reached out to many, some of whom simply are too busy conquering their own mountains both on the business and home front to be ready for our partnering, but then others have shown me such a beautiful amount of unconditional support and encouragement, which on the days your feeling that your efforts are in vain…gives you the energy and faith to push a little harder.

This is just a small way I can say a HUGE respectful fist pump to all the Aussie Mumpreneurs out there for having the commitment, courage, passion, juggling skills to make it all happen in business, as a mum and in life generally.

Today I salute you!

One such Superhero is the lovely Shannon from Forty Up – see her shout out for Jimmy Halfpenny below.

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