Pine Cones – The Spiky Hero

July 06, 2018

Every year I see these amazing little spiky creatures amongst the pine needle carpet that lays beneath a gorgeous strand of Pine Tree’s at my bothers 70 acre bit of gorgeousness in Mangrove Mountain. Not only do these little spike-sters make awesome fire starters and glow like nothing else you’ve ever seen in the middle of a campfire (grab some next time your going camping and see the affect when are alight and the embers slowly burn…just beautiful!) but they also reference Christmas time to me. Strange really given that Christmas’ in Australia are obviously warm and do not offer the coldness and snow laden streets of a European wintry Christmas. Not complaining…just saying…each has its beauty and charm.

If you do not immediately have access to Pine Cones, I find that the Australian bush (Bushwalking – another school activity that brings the best out in your kids!!) with all of its nut like, seed pod and Hairy Banksia Men type offerings can also be good substitutes!  You are after all, as with anything in life, only limited by your crafty imagination!!

Hint –  A search on Pinterest for “Australian Nature Craft” will give you some great articles, blogs and activities that will stretch your imagination and enable you to create some Australian Native offerings in place of more traditional Pine Cone craft.

I however, am lucky enough to have a bounty of Pinecones and this Christmas I am proud to say that I’ve finally decided to up cycle and craftily re-create these little heroes into Christmas delights. I figure tomorrow marks the first day of the school holidays and as the rain continues to splatter upon my studio windows, I know I need to arm myself with an easy inside activity to kick start the hols with a good old dose of fun, crafty, artsy, chatty, messy kiddy activity.  I did a little bit of digging around and I found this great article that offers some super cool ideas, to make these little heroes sing in your Christmas decor and fill some crafty time these holidays with your little people!  I particularly LOVE the “Pinecone Gnomes” and the “Pinecone Placecards” for Christmas dinner….I’d love to hear if you managed to give any a go…and see your Pinecones craftily reworked into Chrissy decor splendour!

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